Reusable PPE

Made in the USA with American materials

Sustainable. Reusable. Made in the USA.

Leaving traditional thinking behind, Reusa completely rethought PPE with modern requirements and developed a better PPE solution:

Reusable, supply-chain stabilizing, reusable isolation gowns with a cost-per-use that is less expensive than disposable PPE.

With consumer confidence, quality and our local and national community in mind, there was one last requirement: Reusa PPE would be made in the USA.

PPE Made in the USA

Combatting the PPE shortage

Reusa PPE was born of necessity. As COVID-19 rapidly took hold in 2020 it became clear that a PPE shortage was among the most pressing challenges facing the world.

Disposable PPE was clearly a tired solution for a modern problem. What doctors, nurses, first responders and healthcare workers needed was not just more PPE, but better, modern PPE.

Combining decades of expertise in garment manufacturing, innovation and business a new company took shape with a focus on this global challenge.

Reusable PPE. Available for order today.

We are currently taking orders for our reusable AAMI Level 2 and AAMI Level 3 isolation gowns.

Our reusable, washable gowns outperform disposable PPE in every way.

Reusa gowns marketed under FDA FEI 3016690615, device numbers on file.