About Reusa


Reusa is the brand name of our product, reusable PPE. Our reusable PPE was born when the need to protect healthcare workers became challenged by lack of suitable PPE being available in the marketplace.

Why Reusa

Our products are not only more cost-effective than their throw-away counterparts, they are a supply-chain friendly, sustainable product that is made in the USA.

Reusa and AZ Fashion Source

As we mentioned, Reusa is the brand name of our reusable PPE products. The brand is wholly-owned and operated by Arizona Fasion Source, LLC.

Arizona Fashion Source is the designer, developer and manufacturer of Reusa PPE.

FDA Registration and FTC RN

Our FDA registration number is 3016690615. You can view our FDA registration for our isolation gowns on the FDA’s website.

Our Federal Trade Commission identification number is 158881. An RN number lookup is available at the FTC’s website.

More information

For information about our products and company, please contact us online.