The Reusa story

In early March of 2020, a unique and innovative fashion incubator called FABRIC was making headlines in Arizona for its modern approach to apparel manufacturing. By reshoring manufacturing and providing early stage apparel brands with a sustainable solution to offshore manufacturing and over production, FABRIC was helping hundreds of apparel entrepreneurs design and manufacture just about any sewn product domestically.

COVID-19 rapidly took hold in mid-March 2020 and it became clear that a PPE shortage was among the most pressing challenges facing the world. FABRIC received countless requests to provide PPE items to healthcare facilities and first responders and was committed to help the local community respond to the crisis.

With the fundamentals in place to deliver, FABRIC assembled a team, hired an FDA consultant, sourced and secured reusable medical-grade materials, acquired additional equipment and staff, implemented lean manufacturing practices, worked with doctors on design features, and began to create safe, effective, FDA-approved, reusable isolation gowns with custom specifications for each hospital organization.

Like offshore apparel manufacturing, disposable PPE was clearly a tired solution for a modern problem. What doctors, nurses, first responders and healthcare workers needed was not just more PPE, but better, modern PPE that was made domestically.

Reusa PPE was born.