Reusa FAQ

Answers to questions we commonly get about Reusa and the products we manufacture and sell.

Where can Reusa products be purchased?

Reusa reusable isolation gowns and accessories can only be purchased online at our store.

For large orders, please use our bulk PPE quote inquiry form.

What is your FDA Registration Number?

Our FDA Registration number is: 3016690615 and is listed under the entity Arizona Fashion Source, our company which filed for the FDA registration.

Reusa is the brand name of our reusable PPE.

Is there a minimum order size?

As our goal is to be able to provide PPE to anyone in n need, there is no minimum order size.

Our goal is to serve anyone who wants to purchase our reusable isolation gowns, whether they need one gown or thousands of gowns.

Can Reusa PPE be customized beyond what is shown in your online store?

Yes. As we are the manufacturer, we can offer a very wide variety of customizations.

We encourage you to contact us with the specific needs of your organization.

Does Reusa manufacture masks?

At the current time, our focus is on reusable isolation gowns.

If you are in need of American made N95 and surgical masks, please feel free to inquire as we do have relationships with domestic mask manufacturers.

Where is Reusa PPE manufactured? Where are the materials from?

All Reusa PPE is manufactured in the United States, with US-sourced material and fabric manufactured in the United States.