Sustainable PPE

American made, sustainable PPE

Reusa was born from an award-winning, innovative, fashion incubator called FABRIC which provides fashion startups with a sustainable solution to off-shore apparel manufacturing.

With sustainability at the core of our values and domestic manufacturing as our specialty, we knew we could provide a sustainable alternative to disposable PPE.

We started by sourcing USA-made materials to make reusable Level 2 and 3 isolation gowns. These AAMI-rated materials are rated for 100 washes, diverting 100 disposable gowns from the landfill. After 100 washes, these gowns can continue to live on as level 1 gowns. At a per-use price that is even lower than a disposable gown, including the price-per-wash, this is a sustainable solution that is also affordable.

As the manufacturer, we also control the waste. The leftover scraps from manufacturing our gowns are used to make smaller PPE items like head and foot coverings.

Enabling sustainable healthcare

We’re proud to provide solutions that help hospitals, dental offices, nursing homes, private practices and other healthcare providers achieve their sustainability goals. Learn more about our sustainable, reusable isolation gowns.